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Cb400 super four

1992 honda cb400 super four having new heated grips ,fuel tap carbs cleaned and fork seals.

Deliveroo rider

We’re doing our bit for deliveroo helping this rider to complete his delivery.

Nmax = no oil

Yamaha nmax going back to the service centre where they forgot to put oil in the engine.

Honda 500 oil service

Here’s one from a few weeks ago honda having a routine oil and filter change .

Harley on the move.

Nice Harley being delivered to a storage centre.

Motorcycle number plates.

Wheelpower now supply number plates.
Terms and conditions apply.

What We Do…

Brake fluid test

This is just one of many tests we do while servicing your machine, just as well for this 125 – as usual, you can see its well over due.

Rta recovery

Following a hit and run we recovered this honda while the rider received treatment for minor cuts and bruises.

New purchase goes wrong.

Unfortunately one off our regular customers was let down following the purchase off this vespa just days after buying, fuel to major wiring faults.

Fazer 1000

After a crash this fazer was in need of major repairs, due to the high cost off fazer forks we decided with the owner to put r6 replacements on for him.

Keyway recovery.

This little keyway left the owner stranded after the brakes locked on following being heat seized.

Royal Enfield valves check.

This little Enfield was in need of its valves checking following the recommendations of the manufacturer.